Poetry of the Dead for the Living

Yesterday was a good day for this poet’s soul.  A perfect stranger asked if they could use one of my poems in a presentation. Of course I said yes.

Mary Pfeiffer found me through Elizabeth Saunders, who, like me, is participating in Robert Lee Brewer’s April Platform challenge. The idea is to grow your network of on-line social contacts so that you can share and grow together. It seems to be working.

Mary Pfeifer, a Memoirist, teacher and writer, does not frequent poetry blogs. She found my poetry blog via Saunders and liked my “Visiting Grandma” poem. She will use the poem this weekend for a talk on writing memoirs. The greatest compliment was Pfeiffer writing in her email “I think I will have to rethink my “I don’t do poetry” stance…” Talk about the power of poetry. Maybe one day I will be known as the poetry evangelist?

In any event I was happy to help Pfeiffer and included in my email to her other resources she might use. One of several links I sent was of a talk Ted Kooser gave called  ‘Narrative and Healing’.  It includes several of my favorite Kooser poems: A Good-bye Handshake, Mother and Pearl. I call them heirloom poems because, besides being good poems, they memorialize ancestors by remembering them alive, as I did in ‘Visiting Grandma.’

In what ways have you memorialized you loved ones? Grave stones are traditional but today so many people are scattering their loved ones ashes on the wind. Does this mean they are writing down memories or maybe creating a web presence for their loved ones?

Let me know. Leave a comment below. 


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