Tripping up on typos

OK, so today I have to eat some crow.

I wrote a haiku that was featured this week at Khara House’s blog, Our Lost Jungle. I wrote several haiku as part of her Poetry Challenge. Three other poets’ poetry were chosen as examples of the form. I was elated, as were the other poets: Claudette Young, Janice Sheridan and Marie Elena Good.

So, back to the eating crow.

My haiku contained a glaring typo. Chew, yuck, chew, yuck… Here is the haiku. I’ve crossed over the typo.

Tears and sobs
rows of empty of church pews —
the taste of salt.

As usual, I did not catch the obvious. In a haiku a typo is like a spotlight in an otherwise dark closet. This typo screamed at me like a child thumbing his nose, “Bet ya can’t catch me.” For me it is the only thing I see on Khara’s page, other than the flawless texts of the other featured poets. No doubt, out of professional courtesy they declined to comment on the obvious.

The moment I saw it I emailed Khara and apologized. I did not apologize in the blog comments, since Khara already did the wrap on this weeks successful activities in the comment section. I did not feel like spoiling all the fun by saying, “Oh, by the way, I have a big ugly zit located just under my nose.” So, I’m doing that here.

Maybe I’m over reacting. Still I feel like I let Khara down. She is very good at what she does. As Janice said over on her blog, “She writes with style, class, and depth. I urge you to click over to her site.”

If you do stop by her blog, despite my typo, you will find a lot of poetry there and a person dedicated to helping others be better poets. I’ve learned a valuable lesson this week.

Now, let me finish this crow.


6 responses to “Tripping up on typos

    • Thanks, Dana. I think it stung more being a big wort on an otherwise small and delicate face. I’ll live to typo again.

  1. Kris, I do typos all the time … they go with the trade 🙂 No need to worry; I didn’t even notice until you said something! And I’ve done bigger and worse typos on my own!! Cheers!

    • Maybe some day we’ll compare typos. Thanks for understanding. Also, thanks for hosting the challenge this month. It’s seems to be snowballing.

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