Wanted: Postcard Poets

Calling all poets. Calling all poets.

Any poets who can write a poem a day for a month and would also like to receive postcard poems in their mail each day, please take a look over August Poetry Postcard Fest blog. According to Brendan McBreen, there are still some slots left to fill, even though the deadline past yesterday, July 27.

Traditional Chinese Dancer

The August Poetry Postcard Festival was initiated by Paul Nelson and Lana Ayers in 2007. It has resulted in some amazing correspondences between poets.

The idea is simple enough. Write an impromptu short poem on a postcard each day  to another poet on a list provided by August Poetry Postcard. The first few cards you generate your own poetry spark. After that, postcards will begin to appear in your mailbox and you can write a response to those poetry postcards to the next person on the list.

All the details are in the blog. Read it and join the fun. Brendan’s email is stripedwaterpoets@gmail.com. Hurry, before all the slots are taken.

I can’t wait to get a postcard and poem from you, my readers.


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