Here is my picture quote for the first week in September.

Fall Pond 2010 004 pactch of ground quote

I took this photo a couple of years ago.  I was living near Denali National Park where I had worked a long day. After dinner I lifted my coat over my head and down my arms and went for a stroll. The Alaskan sun was hanging forever in the sky. Geese were calling for warmer climes overhead. I came upon a half-frozen roadside ditch lined with Eskimo Cotton  (also called Alaskan Cotton). The air was bracing but no deep cold yet.  A breeze was moving the cotton gently back and forth as if they were swaying to a song. I felt warm and content wrapped in my coat. Gratitude welled up in me for the great gift of life, all life, and moments such as this in which I was able to witness the incredible natural beauty of creation.

That evening I snapped a few photos with my cell phone: the long-setting sun colored red by the smoke of wildfires and the geese overhead with their whooshing wings, and my little ditch. The I knew it would be impossible to reproduce in a photograph either the live scenes before me or my feelings — (the geese were but specks on blue). Still, It seemed fitting to couple this photo with an admission that a poet could spend a lifetime and still not exhaust the possibilities inherent in any given patch of ground, even a small drainage ditch garnished with varicolored grasses and wild cotton.     

What inspires you?  




  1. I love to see geese flying and feel blessed when I am up close to them on the ground. Nature inspires me too. Too bad I mostly stay indoors due to my work. Liked your photo and agree with your thought.

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