The word rantics is a merging of rants and antics. I call these compressed words. They would be compound words if each word survives the merger. In this case, the words combine like human x and y chromosomes. What emerges is not a carbon copy of the parents but a word with similar characteristics. 

Telling someone off

The idea of combining the two words came to me the other day. I was channel surfing television news (a futile endeavor, I know) and stopped for a moment on two channels: Fox News and MSNBC. The two channels are miles apart ideologically but closer to each other rhetorically than a pair of star-crossed lovers.

On Fox there was the irrepressible Greg Gutfeld‘s satirical antics. He was jabbering away on the border of libertarian disgust. On MSNBC was Rachael Maddow in the midst of a venomous liberal tirade worthy of an undead schoolmarm. Both were so entrenched in their rhetoric they left their topic spinning meaninglessly in the dust. God help us all.

I think I’ll stick to poetry and literature in general for all my timeless and relevant news. 

In honor of my late grandmother, who invented many lively words, I christen the word “rantics.” I define it as ‘a feverish debate dependent on dramatic diatribes and lacking common sense.’  I could also add that demonstrative body and facial expressions are also evident. The word is new and flexible enough to be applied to politicos anywhere on the spectrum who take their arguments too seriously and will stoop to any level, even that of a childish taunt, to deliver ‘all the news that’s not fit to listen to.’

Not So Original

Rantics is new enough not to be in my spell checker. I did find the singular form when I Googled it. Appearing at the top of a long list of obscure sources and names, the word showed up in the Urban Dictionary.com. Rantic had three definitions: 1) strong and rebellious attitude, 2) hyperbole, gross exaggeration, even hypocrisy, used when (emotively (sic)) expressing extremist religious and/or political views, and 3) a very small penis.

Definition number two seems to fit best with my use of the word. UD even cited Glenn Beck as an example. I could think of liberal examples, including the aforementioned, but the Urban Dictionary seems shy of naming its own. Number three I’ll take with one very small grain of salt.

Are you ever rantic? What gets your rantics on?


2 responses to “WORD OF THE WEEK: RANTICS

  1. I said before that I think I would have liked your grandmother. I, too, make up words. A lot of folks in the south make up words. I gave up on TV news several years back because I don’t like being angry. 🙂 Enjoyed your post.

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